Florida Adventures – Just a Drive Away!

Date: May 19, 2021
Category: Blog

Everglades Florida Adventures

Welcome back to our Florida road trip! Natalie and I had such a great time at Flamingo Adventures in the Everglades, we couldn’t resist heading over to Everglades Florida Adventures, just a two-hour drive away and all still within Everglades National Park! We set out early in the morning, excited to see what adventure awaits.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by staff who were so helpful and polite, truly some of the best hospitality we have ever seen! They encouraged us to try all the activities while on our stay like kayaking, boat tours, and wildlife viewing! We reserved our spot on the 10,000 Islands Boat Tour at 10:00 am, that way we would have plenty of time for kayaking later in the day!

The tour was incredible! We spent 90 minutes exploring the Everglades as we’ve never been able to before. We traveled through Chokoloskee Bay, Indian Key Pass, and through the mangrove islands. The best part of the tour? The dolphins! They were so playful and even swam beside the boat for quite some time, even jumping out of the water to say hello. We also saw sea turtles and so many different birds. It was like they were all coming out to welcome us to the Everglades.

After arriving back to land, we decided to take a break before venturing out on our own personal tour boats; the kayaks we rented! Luckily, we had packed a lunch that morning, so we set up for a quick picnic inside the park. The weather was beautiful, we could hardly wait to get back on the water. Once we got out there we noticed just how much there was to see from up close! The wildlife in the Everglades is never-ending! Natalie and I are so glad we decided to visit, and we will definitely be returning soon!

Thanks for following Natalie and Joe along on their trip to Everglades Florida Adventures in Everglades National Park! Join them next time as they head over to Blue Spring State Park!