Wildlife in Winter at Everglades National Park

Date: December 31, 2019
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What is wildlife in Florida?

Is Everglades National Park a wildlife sanctuary or wildlife park? Well, it isn’t either.

But with the amount of wildlife in Everglades City, Florida, they are recognized for it. The variety of fish and wildlife in Everglades National Park is wide – from the American Alligator and Crocodile (yes, they are different from each other) to turtles, dolphins, and manatees. The difference between the two is that the crocodile has a pointed nose, and you can see its’ teeth when its’ mouth is closed.

dolphin in everglades florida adventures

Are you trying to experience the wildlife on your boat rental?

Get a kayak at Everglades Florida Adventures and see the Chokoloskee Bay. Before low tide, there are many birds (think the Spoonbill, Egret, Heron, etc.) feeding on the shallows and mudflats. The absolute best place to see all the wildlife in Everglades National Park is on a Ten Thousand (10,000) Island Cruise from Everglades Florida Adventures!


This 90-minute excursion ventures across Chokoloskee Bay, into Indian Key Pass, and through the mangrove islands of Everglades National Park. A naturalist will highlight the rich history and unique wildlife of the area. Upon arrival to the Gulf of Mexico, guests may enjoy views of Indian Key, the Stop Keys, Picnic Key, and Marco Island. Every trip is unique, and wildlife varies, we are always on the lookout for manatees, osprey, sea turtles, shorebirds, and playful dolphins. Learn more about the cruise on the Everglades Florida Adventures website.

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Whenever you want to see wildlife in Everglades City, Florida, please keep in mind these safety tips.

  • Give the wildlife plenty of space – bring binoculars if you want!
  • Learn animal warning signs that they don’t want to be bothered – you shouldn’t be close enough for them to reach you, but if you are, you need to know what the warning signs are.
  • Don’t touch or feed the animals – even if they look small and cute, we don’t want any mishaps!

Want to learn more about the wildlife in Everglades National Park? Check out this National Park Service article.